The Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre

Established in 1998, Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre is the first and largest Ayurvedic Medical & Research Centre in the world. Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre serves as an integrated center of telephonic health consultation and helps further Rajshahi Ayurveda’s objective of ‘taking Ayurveda to every home.’

The Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre serves more than 5,000 patients across India daily, with more than 70% of them coming from small cities, towns and villages, where affordable and authentic healthcare is scarce or unavailable.

At the Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre, a team of 300 trained Ayurvedic doctors and consultants provides health consultations to patients, recommending solutions in the form of customized herbal medicines, Panchakarma therapies, as well as diet and lifestyle plans.

Treatment at the Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre

Calling the Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre

If you are a resident of India, you may contact the Rajshahi Medical & Research Centre by making a phone call at 0129-4040404. You will be greeted by an agent who notes down your name, contact number, age, height, weight, current health status and few details of your present health problem. Then, it will be followed by a call from an Ayurvedic physician who will make a detailed investigation of your problem and make recommendations based on your problem.

Your consultation with a Rajshahi doctor

During the telephonic consultation, a Rajshahi doctor assigned to you thoroughly understands your health problem, notes down your symptoms and medical history, and makes a detailed analysis of your disease. He makes a proper diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not confirmed), and informs you about the possible course of treatment. The doctor also mentions the various treatment alternatives offered by Rajshahi for the particular problem afflicting your health. While doing so, he also educates you about your problem, and provides tips and guidance to combat the illness.

Dispatching of Medicines

If you express the desire to receive medicines and undergo treatment at Rajshahi Ayurveda, then the doctor informs the logistic department about the same. The medicine is then dispatched to the shipping address provided by you. Along with the medicines, you will also receive written guidelines on how to take the medicines and what types of food you should eat or avoid. A diet chart is also included to help you follow the diet plan.

Follow-up by executive

Few days after sending the medicine, a Rajshahi patient care executive will get in touch with you. He/ She will enquire about the progress in your condition and whether or not you have been taking the medicines regularly, and following the diet plan and lifestyle advice. If you are having a problem doing so, or if there are any concerns you would like to be addressed by the doctor, the executive escalates the problem to the concerned doctor who immediately gets in touch with you for details.

Follow-up by doctor

A follow-up consultation is also made by the concerned Rajshahi doctor a few weeks after the commencement of treatment. At this stage, the doctor will examine your health and assess the improvement or deterioration in your condition. The doctor might ask you to go for tests to evaluate your condition. The doctor will analyse your progress, answer your queries and inform you about the further course of treatment. Such follow-up consultations and interactions take place periodically until you achieve complete recovery from your problem.